Julie Walters has practiced law, run her own dessert catering company and formed partnerships for a large university on the east coast, but she has always heard the stories in her head, watched the characters live their lives and she fantasized about bringing them to life. A true creative at heart, when given the opportunity and time to put pen to paper, Julie created the world you will soon be able to explore in CONFESSIONS OF A HIGH SCHOOL SURVIVOR. 

Everyone has shared in some of the experiences explored in Julie’s debut novel and everybody will find something of truth and life experience to relate to that will keep readers coming back for more. Her aspiration for this book, and the three to follow, is to provide the reader with hope, courage and strength to be proud of whomever you are, and to become everything you dream of becoming. You are not alone in whatever you are exploring. So many of us are struggling to figure out what life means, who we are and how we fit in this world. 

Through the characters in CONFESSIONS, the reader will find allies who are also struggling, and will hopefully find peace and understanding in their shared experiences. Find your strength to stand up tall and share your courage with someone who hasn’t yet found it.

What makes CONFESSIONS unique is the way Julie builds this world, not relying on words alone to convey the emotional and contextual aspects of the book, rather she infuses the text with music and encourages all readers to listen to the music mentioned as that part of the book is read. Additionally, Julie paints a more robust experience by including the recipes the characters use. Cook while reading any of the many cooking scenes to smell and taste along with the characters or sit back and picture it, taste it and smell it in your mind’s eyes, mouth and nose. CONFESSIONS is an experience as much as it is a novel, an experience for the senses, for the heart and for the soul. 

Julie lives in a suburb of Philadelphia with her husband, two children and two cats.


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